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Locksmith Scam $19 Locksmith companies.

Have you locked your keys in your car and needed a locksmith ASAP? Did you call some cheap priced locksmith companies thinking you could get a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith to unlock your vehicle? Well you might ought to think again…Who in their right mind would think that a service provider will show up and provided services for $15. As a local business owner here in Burleson, I can’t come to your location and open your vehicle for $15.00. Sometimes cheap will bite you every time. I have to giggle when I get a phone call and tell the customer that we can unlock their car for $75 and they tell me that they can get it for $15. I tell them to go ahead and call me when they scratch or damage their vehicle so I can laugh even harder. Come on people…$15.00. That is to show up at your location. Then the scammer will tell you that they need an observation fee and that usually runs around $85.00. Observation fee??? I thought you were a professional locksmith??? Then they tell you it will cost $100- $150 dollars to actually unlock your vehicle. Oh and then, you will have to pay cash on demand. So your simple cheap $15 lockout will cost you a minimum of $200 plus depending on the scammers mood.

The employees for the scam companies steal from the scam company all the time. They tell their boss that the customer drove away. They tell the customer that they will unlock the car for $75 cash and to not tell the company that he performed services. Scammer stealing from a scammer…I laugh all the time at these situations. Feel free to call me and tell me about your scam experience. We can share stories and warn more people about the scammers so good people will not be taken advantage of.


This is what you get for $15


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