Johnson County

Living in Burleson, Texas is truly special. Our community here is so tight knit, with everyone looking out for each other. The small town feel, the stunning natural beauty and the welcoming locals make it such a desirable place to live. Despite its size This town offers a range of conveniences for its residents. Johnson County TX!

There are plenty of parks and trails for activities along with great shopping and dining spots. Whether its exploring local farmers markets or sending kids to top notch schools there’s something for every member of the family. People here enjoy a quality of life thanks, to crime rates and affordable housing options. It’s the blend of small town charm and big city comforts that makes living in Joshua delightful.

Economy in Johnson County

Johnson County

Johnson County economic growth remains healthy, gradually returning to a historically normal pace of expansion following the pandemic, but slumped in the first half of 2020 before a subsequent boom. I’m sure Covid 19 had a lot to do with those statistics!

The state’s job growth slowed in the fourth quarter of 2023, but the latest results from the Texas Business Outlook Survey show the slowdown continued in January and was more pronounced in manufacturing than in services. It suggests.

Labor market tensions are easing as fewer companies report labor shortages as a concern and more companies report improvements in their ability to attract applicants and retain workers. Texas businesses expect wage and cost pressures to ease in 2024, although they are still seeing some increases.

Things to do In Burleson TX

In Burleson, enjoy warm Texas nights and catch Sounds of Summer concerts in historic Old Town. Watch fireworks light up the sunny Texas sky during Fourth of July and Christmas parades. Walk past the expansive baseball field at Chisenhall Fields and watch hundreds of children play. Visit the lively farmers market in the public square every Saturday morning from March to October.

Enjoy easy cycling and enjoy the scenery on one of the city’s dozens of bike paths and paths. Relax on a scenic golf course that winds through an established stream with mature trees and panoramic views of Texas. Discover our past at the Burleson Heritage Foundation Visitor Center in Old Town Burleson. Nearby he has restored two railroad cars. Throughout the Old Town you’ll find historically restored buildings housing great restaurants and boutiques.

If you and your family are staying for a day or a weekend, enjoy your time in Burleson, Texas.